Full-service tree trimming, tree removal, landscaping, and wooden fence construction for the greater San Antonio, TX area.

Ensuring the successful delivery of every project.

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Our Beliefs

A guiding philosophy of Doug’s Tree Trimming Service is that aesthetic appeal may not be obvious at every stage of a tree’s growth.

With a little assistance, any tree can become a stately focal point of your yard.

What We Do

Envision your new space of peace.

  • Sodding
  • Seeding
  • Storm Damage Aid
  • Shrubs & Trees
  • Decorative Rock
  • Retaining Walls

Doug’s Tree Trimming also offers landscaping services & wooden fence/repair with a variety of options to its customers when it comes to landscape design and installation.

We take the time to meet with you, and determine what your needs and wants are and then devise a plan to incorporate those into a new or existing landscape.


Here are our top tips from the Doug’s Tree Trimming crew on how to achieve easily a manicured yard.

  • Mow your lawn at 3-3 ½ inches and do not cut off more than 1/3 of the blade
  • Routinely sharpen your mower blades to prevent tearing of the grass, which causes extra stress on your lawn
  • Do not mow in hot dry weather
  • Frequent pruning, balancing, trimming, thinning is important for a healthy yard


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We professionalize in tree trimming, ball moss removal, grooming, and cleaning for a total landscape makeover.

Competitive Pricing, Quality Work Ethic

We offer fair prices for quality work.


Tree trimming can be a dangerous task. However, at Doug’s Tree Trimming service we have trained and skilled employees whose safety is our number one concern.